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Motors and Generators
standard by American National Standards Institute / National Electrical Manufacturers Association, 08/21/2003



Please note: The CD-ROM format includes “Rev. 1”
This standard provides more than 500 pages of manufacturing and performance data related to electric motors and generators, and is designed to assist users in the proper selection and application of motors and generators. Revised periodically, the standard provides for changes in user needs, advances in technology, and changing economic trends. Practical information concerning performance, safety, test, construction, and manufacture of alternating-current and direct-current motors and generators.

Included in this new version is a section on NEMA Premium(TM) Efficiency Motors with expanded information on short-time rated machines, and modifications in dimension tables and drawings. In addition, Part 5, “Classification of Degrees of Protection Provided by Enclosures for Rotating Machines,” has been updated to align MG 1 with the IEC 60034-5 standard. MG 1 is revised periodically to incorporate changes in user needs, advances in technology, and shifts in economic trends, and can be applied to any product that requires converting electric energy into mechanical energy.

“As a result of the NEMA technical committee’s ongoing engineering work, NEMA MG 1 has been and continues to be a living document used by both manufacturers and users of electric motors and generators as a reference guide for state-of-the-art dimensional and performance standards,” said Charles Straub, vice chairman of the Motors and Generators Editorial Working Group.

“The updating of the MG 1 standard to stay current with advances in technology and application requirements maintains the position of the NEMA MG 1 standard as the definitive standard for electric machines in North America,” said Roger Daugherty, chairman of NEMA’s Medium Machines Subcommittee.

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