ASHRAE 90.2-2004

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Standard 90.2-2004 — Energy-Efficient Design of Low-Rise Residential Buildings (ANSI Approved) — Downloadable
standard by ASHRAE, 2004



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Supersedes ANSI Approved Standard 90.2-2001

The purpose of this standard is to provide minimum requirements for the energy-efficient design of residential buildings.

This standard provides minimum energy efficiency requirements for the design and construction of (a) new residential dwelling units and their systems, and (b) where explicitly specified, portions of residential dwelling units and their systems, and systems and equipment in existing dwelling units.

Note: There are no requirements in this standard that apply to new portions of residential dwelling units and their systems, nor to new systems and equipment in existing dwelling units.

For the purposes of this standard, residential dwelling units include single-family houses, multi-family structures (of three stories or fewer above grade), and modular houses. This standard does not include transient housing such as hotels, motels, nursing homes, jails, and barracks, or manufactured housing.

This standard applies to the building envelope, heating equipment and systems, air-conditioning equipment and systems, domestic water-heating equipment and systems, and provisions for overall building design alternatives and tradeoffs.

This standard does not apply to (a) specific procedures for the operation, maintenance, and use of residential buildings; (b) portable products such as appliances and heaters; and (c) residential electric service or lighting requirements.

This standard shall not be used to abridge any safety, health, or environmental requirements.

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