ASHRAE 94.2-1981 (RA 2002)

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Standard 94.2-1981 (RA 2002) — Method of Testing Thermal Storage Devices with Electrical Input and Thermal Output Based on Thermal Performance
standard by ASHRAE, 2002



There are essentially two types of heat storage devices in existence that can be tested by this standard: central devices and room devices. Central devices are located at a central location from which their output is ducted or piped to the point of use or to a heat exchanger. Room devices are installed within the space to be heated; they are sometimes referred to as radiator devices because they release their heat by either radiation or convection or a combination of the two. Separate testing procedures are prescribed for the two types of storage device.

The financial contribution of the U.S. Department of Energy, which paid for the travel expenses of some of the Project Committee members to accelerate the preparation of this standard, is gratefully acknowledged.

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