ASHRAE 94.2-2010

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Standard 94.2-2010 — Methods of Testing Thermal Storage Devices with Electrical Input and Thermal Output Based on Thermal Performance (ANSI approved)
standard by ASHRAE, 2010



The purpose of this standard is to provide a standard procedure for determining the energy performance of electrically charged thermal energy storage devices used in heating systems.

This standard applies to thermal storage devices that are charged electrically and discharged thermally. The energy may be stored as latent heat or as sensible heat or as a combination of the two. This standard does not include factors relating to cost, life, reliability, or the consideration of requirements for interfacing with specific heating and cooling systems. The test procedure and equipment outlined in this standard are most easily adaptable to devices used to store thermal energy on the order of l011 J (108 Btu) or less.

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