ASHRAE 94.3-1986(RA 96)

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Standard 94.3-1986(RA 96) — Method of Testing Active Sensible Thermal Energy Storage Devices Based on Thermal Performance (ANSI approved)
standard by ASHRAE, 1997



This sensible heat storage standard is the second half of a revision of ASHRAE’s first thermal storage standard, 94-77, Methods of Testing Thermal Storage Devices Based on Thermal Performance. The first half was issued as ANSI/ ASHRAE 94.1-1985, Method of Testing Active Latent Heat Storage Devices Based on Thermal Performance. Sensible heat usually applies to heat storage in water or rocks or cool storage in chilled water.

Preparation of this standard was done by a group of volunteers representing users, design engineers, manufacturers, scientists, and the federal government. Work sponsored by the U.S. Department of Energy and the Electric Power Research Institute in the solar and off-peak energy programs at government laboratories and universities has been especially helpful. Particular thanks go to Roger Cole of Argonne National Laboratory for his definitive work in creating and preparing this revised standard. James Martin of Oak Ridge National Laboratory and Professor M.W. Wildin of the University of New Mexico made significant contributions.

The major change is to provide wider freedom to the supplier of the test device in the choice of cycling time, capacity, maximum flow rate, and temperature range. Another important revision is in making the standby heat loss test more practical and accurate. Since storage is usually part of a system, total performance depends on more than just the performance of the storage component. However, results of this test procedure are meant to stand alone as the specification of the storage components performance.

This foreword is, of course, not part of the standard. It is hoped by this Standards Project Committee that these thermal storage standards will be used by manufacturers and others with success.

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