ASME MFC-4M-1986 (R2016)

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Measurement of Gas Flow by Turbine Meters
standard by ASME International, 01/01/1986



(a) This Standard applies to:
(J) axial full-flow turbine meters with mechanicaland/or electrical outputs whose rotating member isdriven by a compressible fluid;
(2) the measurement of gas by a turbine meter; themeter’s construction, installation, operation, performancecharacteristics, data computation and presentation,calibration, field checking, and other related considerationsof the meter.

(b) This Standard does not apply to:
(J) accessory equipment used to measure pressureand temperature, and/or density for the accurate determinationof mass or base volumes, or those accessoriesused to automatically compute mass or base volumes;
(2) steam metering or two-phase flow measurement;
(3) applications involving pulsating flow or fluctuatingflows where adverse effects on meter accuracycan be anticipated.

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