IEC 62680-1-3 Ed. 3.0 en:2018

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Universal serial bus interfaces for data and power – Part 1-3: Common components – USB Type-C¿¿¿ Cable and Connector Specification
standard by International Electrotechnical Commission, 05/24/2018


IEC 62680-1-3:2018(E) defines the USB Type-C receptacles, plug and cables.
The USB Type-C Cable and Connector Specification defines a new receptacle, plug, cable and detection mechanisms that are compatible with existing USB interface electrical and functional specifications. This specification covers the following aspects that are needed to produce and use this new USB cable/connector solution in newer platforms and devices, and that interoperate with existing platforms and devices:
– USB Type-C receptacles, including electro-mechanical definition and performance requirements
– USB Type-C plugs and cable assemblies, including electro-mechanical definition and performance requirements
– USB Type-C to legacy cable assemblies and adapters
– USB Type-C-based device detection and interface configuration, including support for legacy connections
– USB Power Delivery optimized for the USB Type-C connector.
This specification is intended as a supplement to the existing USB 2.0, USB 3.1 and USB Power Delivery specifications. It addresses only the elements required to implement and support the USB Type-C receptacles, plugs and cables.
Normative information is provided to allow interoperability of components designed to this specification. Informative information, when provided, may illustrate possible design implementations.
This third edition cancels and replaces the second edition published in 2017 and constitutes a technical revision.

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